What conditions can be treated?

Amatsu therapy can be used to treat many musculo-skeletal and lifestyle related conditions and to aid the restoration of well-being and good health. It also addresses the effects of stress on the body – namely physical, emotional and environmental factors. Treatments (balances) are suitable for people of all age groups and those with limited mobility. For a list of the most common conditions that can be helped please see the treatment – the benefits.


Do I need to remove my clothes?

Most treatments are carried out fully clothed, you will only be asked to remove your shoes and possibly your belt. On occasion and with your permission, some clothing may be removed temporarily for a closer examination.


What does a treatment (balance) feel like?

An Amatsu balance is a unique full body treatment that uses various techniques that feel like soft tissue pressure and mobilisation. Different levels of pressure are applied according to your general health and the specific symptoms of your condition. This can vary from the very gentle and relaxing, to the more firm. Clients report different feelings; ranging from being relaxed or sleepy to the more invigorated and energised.

Our practitioners will work for varying amounts of times on different parts of your body that may not always seem obviously related to you. This is because they are trained specifically to tailor your balance each and every time according to your needs on that day and to always take into account your whole body and the bigger picture of any painful condition or problem.

To find out more about the techniques used by your practitioner please see amatsu therapy – indepth.

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