The Treatment

The Amatsu treatment, referred to as a “balance” takes between 30-45min. (45 min on the first visit and typically 30 min on subsequent visits)

On your first visit a detailed personal history will be taken. We will consider everything you say and will give you the time to talk fully about your problem. We think it is important to put the pieces together so that we both have the fullest picture of how your body is coping. We believe that the people with the best knowledge about the problem are the clients themselves.

We will then assess your whole body using a combination of observation, testing and palpation (touch) to gather further information about the current health status of your body.

After appraising your needs we will start the balance using a combination of soft tissue techniques

The techniques utilised will range from the very gentle, to the more firm depending on the age, health and needs of the client. We will discuss with you how the different techniques work and why they are doing what they are doing. Amatsu practitioners are trained specifically to tailor your balance each and every time according to your needs on that day. They will regularly ask you for feedback as to your health and well-being in between balances and they will construct your balance around this, whilst always taking into account your medical history.

The number of treatments required will always depend on your individual problems. We believe in educating our clients to take control of their own health. Many clients, once they have resolved their initial problem, return to maintain their health. Some come for a balance on a regular basis eg: once a month, whilst others return as and when they feel a need often a false economy – maintain good health rather than repair from bad health – far more productive. We aim to teach you to listen to and read the signs your body sends you. It is well known that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

A balance on regular basis may help you to prevent the everyday stresses of life from building up within your body.

All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.


Amatsu therapy should not be used to replace medical treatment without consultation with your GP. If unsure, please consult your local Amatsu therapy practitioner and your GP for advice.