Rules & Recommendations


Clients are expected to be 10 min early on their first visit to process the necessary paperwork.

Alternatively, One can download the consultation form, print or request a copy to be e mailed from

This means we can spend more time assessing, recording and addressing the relevant ailments presenting on your arrival.

Clients are expected to be on time, on all subsequent visits. As late attendance ultimately shortens the session.



The appointment typically lasts 45min on the first session and 30min on subsequent sessions.

Standard treatment fee €50.00, payable at the end of each treatment.

Method – Cash, cheque. No Credit Card facility. No credit or account facilities/system.

Service fully receipt recorded .



Outside 24 hours. No fee applicable

Between 12-24 hours. 50% fee applicable.

Under 12 hours. Full fee applicable.

This is a clinical appointment and as such it is assumed clients will be hygienic in presentation.



Available at front of building.


We look forward to your visit and in helping you to return to and maintain the highest level of good health and structure available and possible for you.