About Amatsu

A Japanese natural healing art that employs methods developed from well over 2000 years. The technique and principles applied today have been reported by many to offer results in the recovery from injury, ailment and pain way beyond the industry standard.

By recruiting the body’s natural agencies to self heal and understanding the totality of what creates, contributes and maintains conditions. An AMATSU balance (treatment) will address the CAUSE and the symptoms presenting, as AMATSU balances the whole body not just the area of pain or restriction.

The number of treatments required will always depend on your individual problems. We believe in educating our clients to take control of their own health. Many clients, once they have resolved their initial problem, return to maintain their health. Some come for a balance on a regular basis eg: once a month, whilst others return as and when they feel a need. We aim to teach you to listen to and read the signs your body sends you. It is well known that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

A balance on regular basis may help you to prevent the everyday stresses of life from building up within your body.