Amatsu in Detail

Amatsu uses soft tissue and mobilisation techniques that are rooted in the ancient Japanese ‘feeling’ practised by Dr. Hatsumi and developed by Dennis Bartram. Together they provide Amatsu with a unique set of techniques for our clients. They are movement orientated and engage with the body’s soft tissue to initiate movement at an injury site. This helps to release painful spasms or restrictions around the injury and, therefore, supports the rebuilding of healthy neurological patterns and global body balance or proprioception.

It is important to talk about proprioception in relation to Amatsu because every balance (treatment) aims to support its restoration to your injury sites and your whole body. Proprioception refers to the body’s ability to sense movement, enabling us to know where our limbs are in space without having to consciously look. This system is subconscious, which means that we don’t have to think about making the movements. Sometimes the reactions take place so fast they are termed reflexive. Proprioception is important in all of our everyday movements and in particular during complicated movements where precise co-ordination is essential; such as those in sporting activities or when undertaking a manoeuvre such as parallel parking your car.

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