Amatsu in Detail

Our proprioceptive sensory receptors are located throughout the body and are found chiefly in the muscles, tendons, joints and the inner ear. They provide information to your brain about joint angle, muscle length and tension, which are integrated in order to allow the brain to be able to detect the position or motion of a limb or the entire body in space.

Therefore, distorted information being received from any of the joints, tendons or muscles that have been injured will have a negative effect on your proprioceptive abilities and bodily co-ordination. A more specific example of this is when the receptors within the joints or ligaments are damaged such as with a sprained ankle. This means that the information that is usually sent to the brain by the ankle ligaments will be impaired and, therefore, their whole body proprioception will be compromised. As a consequence many clients say that the joint feels odd or just doesn’t feel right and that they are unable to walk easily in their normal way. This can leave the person with decreased co-ordination during their daily activities making them more prone to falling over and re-injuring themselves. In addition, they will also be walking differently to compensate for the injured ankle which could lead to other injuries or strains in other parts of their body.

Amatsu supports and works with the natural abilities of your body, aiming to aid the restoration of the proprioceptive quality in your body and movement.

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