Amatsu in Detail

We all have the potential to move in a natural, easy way but long-term bad postural habits, accidents or illness can inhibit or damage this. Our body’s natural movement should require no conscious control; thereby our day to day activities or ‘walk’ are automatic reflex actions.

Therefore, in line with Amatsu’s roots in ancient Japanese natural movement principles, our practitioners are trained to understand the importance of your body’s movement restrictions or injuries. Our practitioners utilise their own integrated natural body movement within their techniques, thereby also working to allow your body to regain its own ease of motion. By re-learning how to move our bodies in a natural and integrated manner, we enhance more than just body movement, we also enhance our health. The essence of this is to move and act as natural human beings.  Once this is obtained, other Amatsu techniques are utilised to help to maintain the balance of the body and therefore promote good health.

An example of an unconscious reflex action is when you burn finger on a hot substance. Your reflexes will remove your finger from the source of the heat, without enough time for conscious thought. If you had to consciously think about removing it first, your finger would remain on the hot substance for much longer and become more damaged. Examples of natural movement principles are also constantly visible all of the time within nature. Consider the ability of the albatross to fly around the globe with barely a flap of his wings or the complexity of the amazing flight dynamics of a dragonfly which even now are still not fully understood by today’s aeronautical experts.

Throughout the ages man has understood, comprehended and copied nature. Quite often though, our copy becomes a mechanised version of the natural source. Modern life can also mechanise us to some degree as we now spend much of our daily lives operating machines or computers and driving our cars. This can make us lose our inherent, inbuilt abilities to move in natural ways. We will often then become susceptible and vulnerable to injury whilst performing the most simple of tasks. Our practitioners are trained to understand this, and work to help restore your natural movement capabilities in every treatment (balance.)

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